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GST invoicing software for your business

Simple, efficient and easy to use online invoicing software.
Designed for small businesses, freelancers and accountants

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Designed for any device

Built with a friendly interface, Flash Bill Online can be used on a PC, Mac and even a tablet. If you’re in your office or on the go, easily control your billing and finances.

Multi user access

Work with your team in real time and never worry about lost files between computers. Reduce invoice mistakes, keep an eye on your sales and check your stock whenever you want.

GST billing software

GST, short for Goods and Services tax, is a new tax that will be imposed on the sale and purchase of goods and services in India. GST is meant to replace all taxes in India with a single unified tax applied to value addition instead of the total value of the product at each stage in the supply chain.

Get paid faster

Send your invoices straight from the app and schedule automated reminders for payments. Get notified whenever an invoice is overdue or a client rejects your quote.

Same easy billing software, improved

Enjoy Flash Bill with a new interface, still friendly and easy to use. Now upgraded with new invoice templates and automated notifications to get paid faster.


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Advantages for accountants

  • CheckedEasy & secure access to your client's invoices & bills;
  • CheckedNo more waiting for emails, get instant access to your client's reports and taxes.
  • CheckedEasily manage multiple clients at once.
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Advantages for GST

  • CheckedEasy & secure access to your GST & bills;
  • CheckedNo more waiting for emails, get instant access to your GST reports and taxes.
  • CheckedEasily manage all your business.

Advantages over desktop billing software

Mac Features

No download necessary

Sign up in a few minutes and start invoicing now.With Flash Bill Online you just need any computer or tablet with a web browser and any internet connection, even a slow one.


Issue invoices anywhere you are and get fast access to your clients & products lists. Keep your financial documents organized in one secure place and save time when you file your taxes.

Real time updates for you and your team

The whole team works and you can follow the progress. Catch any mistakes before they have an impact on your business and see how your sales are going even if you’re not in the office.

Safeguard your data

Our servers keep your data safe from any online threats and far from curious eyes. Having your data in the cloud means it’s also safe from any computer disasters.

Modern business

Assure your clients you’ll still be in business tomorrow by adopting the latest technology. It will make your company look more professional and boost your trust levels.

Export your data

Export your data and save your information whenever and and wherever you want. Your data is safely stored online, download it with a couple of clicks.

Compatible with any tax system

Add any taxes you need (including cesses on top), make tax groups and use them whenever you need to.

All types of invoices, proformas and quotes

Now you can make Tax, Retail or Excise invoices look professional, using the carefully designed templates. Quickly turn proformas or quotes in invoices.

Send by Email or Print Invoices

Send invoices to customers directly through e-mail, as a PDF or a safe download link. When you need to, print any invoice straight from the app.

Client management and reports

Cash flow is important to any business, just log in and stay on top of your due invoices. Check your sales, payment and stock using smart reports.

Upgraded Templates

We know more paper means increased costs, so you can now customize invoice templates to fit up to 20 items.

Since we’ve been in business we have tried many softwares for billing. Flash Bill is one of the best from what we have tried till date. We have also recommended this software for at least 10 of our customers and they are all very happy with it.This is one of the best suited billing software for the practising professionals and we would recommend it to anyone.

Alwyn Dsouza - ALWYN DSOUZA & CO